How long do you play for?

Our set lasts two hours or just over it. For Weddings this would include a short break, when tea and coffee is served.

How long does it take you to setup?

Once we are allowed access to the room, 45 minutes or less.


Will you play music for the older generation?

Of course. We play a selection of songs to suit all ages. We want everyone to enjoy the night!

Will it be loud?

We do a thorough sound check before every gig. This helps us determine what is too loud and what isn't loud enough, allowing us to get the sound and volume just right! You'll need to bear with us for these few minutes while we fine tune the system. but don't worry, it won't be too loud!


Can you provide a DJ as part of the Wedding service?

We can indeed. One of our Wedding packages includes a DJ after we perform. The DJ is a serparate service and is not a member of the band. Please check the Weddings tab for full information.


Can the band play our first dance song Live?

Yes and no. If its a song which is popular and we already know, 100% yes. If it's a not so well known song and also something that isn't on our set or isn't likely to stay on our set, then no. But, we can play any song via MP3 through our PA system.


Do you preform the First Dance live or is it on a cd/mp3?

We can do either to a point. If it is a song already in our catalogue, no problem. If it is a song which is popular or new out and which we think will be coming up more often than not, we'll do our best to learn it, but we'd need plenty of notice(4 weeks min). If it is a song which we are unfamiliar with and/or is not popular to the general public(but it would obviously mean something to you), we would play the MP3 of the original. Or it could be a song with some instruments not in our lineup. Some couples prefer the original of the song played via MP3 also.

For Weddings or Dinner dances, would/can you setup before the meal?

Not normally. IF we can, it would incur an extra cost as it would mean us arriving at the venue a good deal earlier. In some cases it would not be possible, as the venue might not allow this. You would need to discuss this with the venue and then with us.


Do we need to pay a deposit when booking the band for a Wedding?

Yes, we do ask for a deposit. We require a deposit to hold and confirm the date. Unfortunately we are unable to provisionally hold any dates without a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.




Have we missed something? Please ask, via our contact tab.